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Three time North England Prestige Award Winners 2020-2023 PPC Specialists of the Year
Uk Enterprise Awards 2022-2023 PPC Specialists of the year North East
Although Google are leading the market, Bing is a platform which is equally worth targeting with a large volume of users searching each month. Focusing all your efforts primarily on Google could eliminate a vast audience from seeing your adverts. So, whether you are just finding out more about Bing ads or are ready to kickstart your campaign, our team are on hand to help. The experts at our Bing Ads Agency help brands leverage this opportunity with performance optimised ads. We recommend this platform particularly for B2B companies as many use Bing through work. Statistically, Bing also has an enhanced device targeting and usership for desktop.
When it comes to advertising your business via paid search, there’s no need to pick Google Ads OR Microsoft Advertising. Bing advertisements allow for a slightly different approach to PPC than Google AdWords does. It provides an additional complementary platform which reaches out to a whole different range of audiences. Bing still boasts 137 million unique searchers with a total of six billion monthly searches. Our PPC experts will work to understand your audience, who they are and how they behave, to make sure your ads are displaying for the right people at the right time. Unlike Google, Microsoft Advertising has access to LinkedIn data, meaning we can hyper-target ads towards your core audience using information provided on users’ LinkedIn profiles. Not only will using both platforms amplify reach, but by using Bing Ads to complement your Google Ads campaigns, you can fill in gaps in your online presence.

Always professional, helpful and responsive

We started using these guys to try ads on Bing. Has evolved and now they do my google AdWords too . Always professional, helpful and responsive. We are getting better results. Nicky and Peter have so far given a great service. Recommended

Terry TelAce Richards

Bing Ads

We currently use Bing Ads across the whole organization. It helps us drive in leads with low cost per clicks and high conversion rates, helps us with our branding campaigns to get our name out there for users to see.


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